Certification Clears Way For All-Weather Operations. EASA has certified the Full Ice Protection System (FIPS) for the AW189, clearing the way for the aircraft to operate in full icing conditions.


1 Sep 2014 Authorizations from EASA are required for the operator and not specific aircraft. If you operate all flights under a management company, then 

09 Dec 2015. Related Rulemaking Task. RMT.0379. Read More; Read More.

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EASA suspends all Boeing 737 Max operations in Europe . 12/03/2019 - 20:13. News stories EASA has suspended all flight operations of all Boeing Model 737-8 MAX and 737-9 MAX aeroplanes in Europe. In Finland Norwegian , TUI, Turkish Airlines , Icelandair and FlyDubai operate with Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

This Regulation shall apply to all flights operating as general air traffic in must be able to land under the all-weather operating conditions of operational phase II. air operations, pilot licensing and thirdcountry aircraft because the EASA, 

The United Kingdom is no longer a part of EASA as it left the European Union in 2020. Our Special Operations courses have been designed for initial or recurrent training, ensuring regulatory compliance with EASA, FAA, Transport Canada, ICAO and other regulatory agencies. As part of Pelesys’ courseware offering, all courses are updated annually to adhere to current regulations. EASA is encouraging new in-flight weather information applications to be developed and integrated within existing EFBs.

Easa all weather operations

JAR-AWO: ALL WEATHER OPERATIONS Please find attached a copy of Amendment 3 to JAR-AWO, effective 1 November 2004. Following the establishment of the European Aviation Safety Agency in September 2003 and the adoption of EASA Implementing Rules (IR), Certification Specifications

2018-07-17 · The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a notice of proposed amendment (NPA) that would modernize its all-weather operations (AWOs) regulations to incorporate “efficiency gains This Specialist Document (SD) is intended to be an instruction manual for use when preparing for the All Weather Operations (AWO) content of an aircraft type-conversion course. The whole is a reference manual to be read and studied in class and then at home, with the All Weather Operations section of the aircraft type conversion course module.

Appendix III: Airworthiness Review Certificate — EASA Form 15 . . . . .
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Easa all weather operations

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Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, SAS is a Global, Professional, Airline, MRO and Ground Operations Comment Response Tool CRT easa.europa.eu information hub.
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All weather operations; EASA part NCC; EASA part NCO; EASA part SPO; SPA-HOFO - Specific approval for helicopter offshore operations . Commercial industry. Read all @UK_CAA. Commercial industry News. Major safety boost for offshore helicopters moves closer 25 March, 2021 .

If you’re one of the operators affected, you should start planning NPA 2019-09 All weather operations - Helicopters and specialised operations CAA comments on NPA 2019-09 NPA 2019-10 Measurement of the SKPI and SPIs in the SES Performance Charging Scheme: No CAA comments on NPA 2019-10 Part A. No CAA comments on NPA 2019-10 Part B. CAA comments on NPA 2019-10 Part C. NPA 2019-11 Human factors in rotorcraft design Comment Response Tool CRT easa.europa.eu information hub. right-click on any row for available actions: Showing documents 21-30 from a total of 343 Show .

EASA and Airbus: working towards our common safety objectives Head of Safety Promotion at EASA discusses safety challenges for rotary wings and the key role Airbus has to play S afety is a uniting force among all members of the helicopter industry.

CS-E ( Engines).

CAA comment on EASA NPA 2020-02. The CAA has published comments on the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2020-02 All-weather operations – Non-commercial operations with other than complex motor-powered aircraft. Rite in the Rain — A patented, environmentally responsible, all-weather writing paper that sheds water and enables you to write anywhere, in any weather. Using a pencil or all-weather pen, Rite in the Rain ensures that your notes survive the rigors of the field, regardless of the conditions.